About Dustin Leader

Winnipeg Wedding Photographer

I believe in capturing life as a series of events that tell a story. With the purpose of triggering memories - real physical memories lying in millions of pathways in our minds. Even if a photograph is nothing more than captured light, it remains one of the most powerful vehicles to evoke emotions, taste, smell etc. All of the senses, even more if you believe that the subconscious has its own body of senses. Wedding Photography in Winnipeg is unique in it's ability to very quickly trigger something within us. I think about this a lot and feel incredibly lucky to have the ability to share my vision of the world.

My relationship with wedding photography in Winnipeg is rooted and practiced in photojournalism & documentary photography. I am attracted to it for it's attempt to pursue honesty. Also for it's foundations in context driven images.

Beyond a person in an image the surroundings are the scaffolding for the time and space an image is captured in. Even if a wedding is rooted in a particular theme say the 1950's for example it is still contrasted with the time the picture is taken in. Finding the balance between the attraction of the theme and the modern surroundings can make for beautiful and unique images. Unique in the sense that a wedding for one day is like a living play almost. Within this day and without a doubt some of the most beautiful scenes in a persons life happen on your wedding day. Not just for the bride and groom but for the people they have invited to share in their day. To be a witness to these events in peoples lives is an amazing privilege.

All I can really say is thank you for inviting me into your lives, thank you from my family from the bottoms of our hearts.



Dustin Leader (and...that's not me in the picture above!) is an established Winnipeg wedding photographer and international freelance photographer based in Canada. Since graduating from Prairieview School Of Photography in 2004 his journalism work has appeared in several national and international publications as will as documentaries including: New York Time, National Geographic Travel, Globe and Mail feature focus section Le Monde Diplomatic, Vocable Espaniol, la prensa grafica to name a few.

Dustin Leader also studied turn of the century photographic processes. The aesthetic beauty and historical importance of these early techniques continue to influence and inspire his photography.

To date he has completed major stories including HIV/AIDS in India, The Bolivian Elections, Healing Cpl. Collen.

Awards include:
2006 1st Place News Photographers Association of Canada
2006 Country Music award for Images in Doc Walker album
2005 Nominated for the World Press Photo - Joop Swart Masterclass